A Knight at The Round Table

Plot Summary

A Knight At The Round Table is a musical with two entirely different worlds within it.

The new king?

The new king?

There is the story occurring in the modern world about a girl named Gwen who is ridiculed for her belief in the legendary ruler, King Arthur of Camelot. As she studies the king, Arthur’s story — from his birth to the fall of Camelot — is revealed in flashbacks. The modern-day students begin to recognize similar struggles and crises as those faced in Arthurian times.

Can Gwen convince her friends of the value of King Arthur’s lessons? This show takes you to Camelot!

Song Listing

Act I
“On and On and On”
“Arthur’s Rescue”
“Within Your Heart”
“Someone Who Needs Me to Believe”
“Let’s Have A Celebration”
“Within Your Heart” (reprise)
“Have A Little Faith”
“I’m Taking Care of Me”
“I Depend On You”
“Knights of the Table Round”
The group reads up on Arthur
Act II
“The History of England”
“The Code of Chivalry”
“The Girl / Guy I Am Inside”
“I Depend On You” (reprise)
“You’re the Perfect You”
“The Code of Chivalry” (reprise)
“Have A Little Faith” (reprise)


"I've lost my flair!"

“I’ve lost my flair!”

The Cast of the Arthurian World
Lady Of The Lake
Lady Igraine
Arthur Pendragon
Sir Gwain/Villager
Lady Bercilak/Villager
Sir Gareth/Villager
Lady Ragnell/Villager
Sir Percival/Villager
King Pellinor/Villager
Anwen Ceridwen
Bronwen Ceridwen
Liliwen Ceridwen
Mairwen Ceridwen
Olwen Ceridwen

The Cast of the Modern World
Gwen Vere
Bernard Drake
Morgan Drake
Neve Ninian
Elaine Lakeland
Margot Orkney
Mrs. Prunella Platt
Ms. Vivian Cornwall
Marvin Ambrose
Wayne Orkney
Jade Pearl
Garrett Harris
Nell Inglewood
Pierce Vale
Brian Fisher
Mark Chadbourn
Marie French
Mallory Thomas
Marion Bradley
Mary Stewart
Meg Cabot
Mckenzie Nance
Molly Cochran
Murphy Warren
Massie Andrews

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