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from Cupid’s Bow

Recorded live in performance at Central Elementary School in New Jersey. As this is a live recording by 5th Graders, please excuse the ambient noise and any minor performance errors.

“You Can’t Find Love Without Me”

Our teen hero, Cupid, has annoyed all the gods on Mt. Olympus with his mischief. When everyone complains to Zeus, Cupid defends himself, claiming that the god of love is the greatest god of all. (This doesn’t sit well with Zeus!) Cupid obviously has an oversized ego, and in this song explains all the ways he is so important. (The Graces make an appearance as background singers, who ooh and ahh over Cupid.)

“The Student Circle of Peace”

Mrs. Serena is the faculty leader of the Student Peer Group, and she’s a bit of a hippy-dippy sort. In this brief song, she welcomes everyone to the weekly group meeting. (“Namaste!”)

“Man is a Mortal, Mediocre Mess”

Cupid is sent to Earth with two “handlers”: the messenger gods Iris and Hermes. These two disagree very much about humanity, and in this song they both state their case. There is an intro to this song (not included in this recording) that lays bare exactly how they think:

IRIS: Since the dawn of history, man has been a mystery.
HERMES: One that’s not worth solving; mortals don’t impress.
IRIS: ‘Though from their exterior they appear inferior, they are ever evolving…
HERMES: But they never progress!

“Stop, Look, and Listen”

This duet is between Cupid and Enid, a mortal who confounds and baffles Cupid. She seems to actually care about other humans! She tries to get others to stop fighting and to be supportive of each other. Cupid tries to find out why Enid cares so much.

“Why Do You Need Me To Be Wrong?”

Later in the show, after being challenged again by Cupid, Enid gives a more personal account about why she is the way she is.

“It Just Can’t Be…”

Iris and Hermes figure out that Cupid actually cares about Enid, and they are shocked! Cupid denies it, at first, but in this song he comes to a certain realization.

“The Better Part Of Me”

Cupid feels transformed, and in this song he explains to Enid how she has helped him find “the better part of me.”

from To A Muse

from It Takes A Rainbow

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