The 2020 Season is Around the Corner!

If you follow the Thompson & Russell Instagram feed, or the Facebook page, this will serve as a recap for you. (If you aren’t following one of both of these — like the page! Subscribe, join in!)

Three encore performances of Thompson & Russell musicals are set for the year ahead. Casting has already been set for the February show, and auditions for the May show will start shortly after the New Year. (That Instagram feed will have lots of rehearsal photos very soon!)

All performances are presented by the Student Actors League of Arts and Drama — SALAD for short. Performances are at Central Elementary School, 400 Ridgedale Avenue, in East Hanover, NJ.

The following dates are all in the new year, 2020. (Clicking the titles will open a new tab that tells you more about the show.) The schedule is:
Feb 20 at 6:30pm — A KNIGHT AT THE ROUND TABLE – 5th Grade SALAD
May 7 at 7:00pm — IT TAKES A RAINBOW — 2nd Grade SALAD
June 10 at 6:30pm — KATRINA, THE SHREW — 4th Grade SALAD

A KNIGHT AT THE ROUND TABLE straddles two worlds, as our contemporary hero, Gwen, studies the legend of King Arthur. She and her friends begin to recognize parallels between their own lives and the honor-bound code of Camelot. IT TAKES A RAINBOW is an award-winning show, a fan favorite, that played the Midtown International Theater Festival in 2017. KATRINA, THE SHREW is an updated re-telling of the classic Shakespeare play, “Taming of the Shrew.” It’s a comedy, but also carries an important message about bullying and idle gossip.

Download the fliers, post them around on your social media feeds and help spread the message! Thank you — we hope to see you at a show!

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