A movie-style trailer for this summer’s “It Takes a Rainbow”

We are pretty pleased with the video we made to advertise It Takes A Rainbow coming to New York City in August. We posted it in a few spots last week, but now we want to post it here on our website. It’s only about a minute and a half, but we think it says a lot with a little.

Want to see for yourself? We’ve posted the video on our GoFundMe page—here:


(On that page, click the image to watch the video. Be sure to have the sound on; the music adds a lot!)

And yes, we’d love it if you could drop some a few dollars into the till to help take us to New York City. Every small amount helps!

But there’s something else you can do to help, too; forward this GoFundMe page to folks you know who might want to help. It’s easy to share with the tools provided on that page. No, not everyone will be able to contribute, but we can think of no better compliment than for help in getting the word out.

Lastly, be sure to watch the video! Let us know what you think on the GoFundMe page comments.

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