To A Muse

Plot Summary

Having just completed a study unit on Ancient Greece, a class of students visits the local museum. There, they discuss the tradition of artists asking the Muses for aid in their creations. The class teacher, Mrs. Philos, reminds the students of their upcoming final project for this unit.

Theodore at the museum

Theodore at the museum

Poor Theodore! He lacks a creative spark, and jokingly prays to the Muses for inspiration. To his surprise (and great distress!) the nine Muses actually emerge from a painting in the gallery and come to Theodore’s aid, following him back to school. He wishes them away, but by custom they cannot leave until they have inspired Theodore.

Since Theodore is the only one who can see the Muses, all his friends think he is crazy. And even while none of the other students and teachers can see the Muses, the entire school falls under the mischievous influence of the nine goddesses. Inspiration and creativity run amuck!

Thea and Hector, Theodore’s sister and best friend, accidentally invoke the muses, as well. All three of them must be inspired before the Muses can return home. Will they get their inspiration? And if so, how?

Song Listing

Act I
“I Gotta Get An ‘A'”
“I Need Some Inspiration Now!”
“Poor Theodore”
“Use Imagination”
“Can’t You See The Beauty Of The Stars?”
“Don’t You Want To Dance?”

Act II
“It’s All Greek to Me!”
“Life Is Better With A Song”
“You’ve Got A Poet Inside Of You”
“I’m The Original Drama Queen”
“Life Is Better With A Song” (reprise)

Two of the 9 muses

Two of the 9 muses


Calliope, Muse of epic poetry
Clio, Muse of history
Erato, Muse of love poetry
Thalia, Muse of comedy
Melpomene, Muse of tragedy
Polyhymnia, Muse of sacred poetry
Terpsichore, Muse of dance
Euterpe, Muse of music
Urania, Muse of astronomy
Zeus, Father of the muses
Mnemosyne, Mother of the muses
Mrs. Helen Philos, Teacher / Grecophile
Mrs. Eulalie Otis, Principal
Theodore, He who invokes the muses
Thea, Theodore’s sister
Hector, Theodore’s best friend
Jason, Theodore’s buddy
Sebastian, Theodore’s buddy
Phaedra, Thea’s friend
Cassandra, Thea’s friend
Pandora, Thea’s friend
Demetria, Thea’s friend
Calista, Thea’s friend
Dana, Thea’s friend
Eva, Student S Club
Ella, Student S Club
Esme, Student S Club
Elke, Student S Club
Elsa, Student S Club
Emma, Student S Club
Penelope, Student C SquadAt_The_Piano
Zoe, Student C Squad
Chloe, Student C Squad
Phoebe, Student C Squad
Daphne, Student C Squad
Amelia, Student singer
Bedelia, Student singer
Ceceila, Student singer
Camelia, Student singer
Ophelia, Student Singer
Cara, Student of Mrs. Philos
Clara, Student of Mrs. Philos
Farra, Student of Mrs. Philos
Lara, Student of Mrs. Philos
Mara, Student of Mrs. Philos
Sara, Student of Mrs. Philos
Alex, Student of Mrs. Philos
Andre, Student of Mrs. Philos
Dennis, Student of Mrs. Philos
Damien, Student of Mrs. Philos
Darius, Student of Mrs. Philos

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