Modern Myths

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Modern Myths Cupid's Bow

The gods of Mount Olympus

Cupid’s Bow

For constantly misbehaving, Cupid is banished to earth to live a mortal existence, but would be allowed to return to Mount Olympus after completing three tasks. In the end, Cupid is faced with a horrible dilemma: to protect the girl he loves and stay banished forever, or to destroy her and regain his immortality.

To A Muse

Modern Myths To A Muse

Two of the 9 muses

Our hero, Theodore, accidentally invokes the 9 muses of Greek mythology. He, along with his sister and his best friend–and indeed his entire school–learn the value of inspiration and creativity.

A Knight at the Round Table

Modern Myths King Arthur

“Now you’re here!”

Gwen is a true believer in the legend of King Arthur, but her friends think she’s crazy. As Gwen shares the Arthurian legend with her classmates, the students begin to learn lessons that parallel their own modern-day experiences.

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