It Takes A Rainbow


Richard D. Russell’s score won Best Music for the festival awards of the Summer 2017 Midtown International Theater Festival.

The production also received an award for Best Sets, by Steven M. Schweer.
The show received nominations for Emily Clare Thompson (Best Book), Ashley Lynne James (Best Costumes), and Best Ensemble.

Note: It Takes A Rainbow has its own website. Click here to visit it:

It Takes A Rainbow had its New York City premiere as part of the 2017 Midtown International Theater Festival. Here, Thompson & Russell discuss the show’s Big Apple debut.

It Takes a Rainbow was written specifically for younger audiences and performers, although its meaning will be appreciated by any age group.

Plot Summary

The story tells the tale of 7 brown lizards who are safe and happy at home with their parents, King Upinde and Queen Wamvua. The king forbids his children from ever leaving their bonny brown bog. Shortly afterwards, Queen Wamvua confides to her 7 children that she has heard there are other colors out there in the world.

Where All Is Brown

Where All Is Brown

The 7 brown lizards decide to go out and see for themselves. One by one, they encounter frogs colored in each of the rainbow’s colors, and learn many new songs. The lizards, in fact, change to different colors.

They return home to and share these experiences with their parents. King Upinde realizes it was wrong to shield his little lizards from the other colors of the world, and learns that “It Takes A Rainbow.”

Song Listing

The musical’s message of diversity is highlighted with a score that embraces country, Caribbean, blues, and even a conga!
“Where All Is Brown”
“Take a Look and Leap”
“Ribbit Everywhere”
“When You’re Seein’ Red”
“The Citrus Conga”
“The World of Green”
“You Gotta Sing the Blues”
“The Violet-Purple Hoedown”
“It Takes A Rainbow”

When You're Seein' Red

When You’re Seein’ Red


With doubling on roles, cast size of 13 is good. Larger ensembles are encouraged.
King Upinde
Queen Wamvua

…has a vibrant point of view…

Scarlet Red Frog
Ruby Red Frog
Mango Orange Frog
Mustard Yellow Frog
Emerald Green Frog
Jade Green Frog
Aqua Blue Frog
Sapphire Indigo Frog
Lilac Violet Frog
Mulberry Violet Frog
Chorus Of Red Frogs
Chorus Of Orange And Yellow Frogs
Chorus Of Green Frogs
Chorus Of Blue And Indigo Frogs
Chorus Of Violet Frogs

2017 Production at New York City’s Midtown International Theater Festival

starring Timothy Maureen Cole, Emily Michelle Griffith, Caitlin Hornik, Ronit Horowitz, Dianne Kaye, Frank Ortega

2016 Production by 2nd Grade at Central Elementary School, East Hanover, NJ

2015 Production at Bell and Barter Theater, Rockaway, NJ

2013 Production by 2nd Grade at Central Elementary School, East Hanover, NJ

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