Katrina, The Shrew

June 14, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Central School
400 Ridgedale Ave
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Emily Clare Thompson
(201) 704-2958

Katrina, The Shrew presents a powerful anti-bullying lesson.

Plot Summary

Mr. and Mrs. Baptista have two daughters who attend Padua School of Arts. They know their younger daughter, Bianca, to be beloved and kind, and they know their older daughter, Katrina, to be a loathsome bully. Katrina has an awful reputation and terrorizes everyone at school. In an attempt to rectify matters, Mrs. Baptista decides Bianca will not be allowed to participate in any activities unless Katrina is also invited. Mrs. Baptista restricts Bianca to attending classes and seeing tutors.

But no one is willing to do anything at all with Katrina! The students are deeply affected by Bianca’s resulting absence. Gina, Giada, and Horace conspire to find someone to befriend Katrina so that Bianca can be free again to socialize. They are keen to have Bianca join the school choir, for instance. Horace has a special interest in helping Bianca: he hopes to date her.

Two new students arrive at Padua School of Arts: Lucas, and his sister Tania. Like Horace, Lucas is smitten by Bianca’s beauty. Remembering that Bianca is allowed to see only her tutors, Lucas and Horace decide to disguise themselves so that they may spend time with Bianca and court her.

Meanwhile, two other new students arrive at the school: close friends Patricia and Grace. They decide to establish a debate society, and quickly make it their mission to tame “Katrina, The Shrew.”


…until showtime!

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