Cupid’s Bow workshop at Theater Resources Unlimited

On Sunday, December 9, Thompson & Russell presented the opening 15 minutes of Cupid’s Bow to a panel of theater insiders and other musical theater writers. This was part of the Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) program, “How to Write A Musical That Works.” The presentation got really great feedback from everyone, including both the panel and the audience. Everyone responded to the sense of fun in the show, and it was well received with some strong laughs.

There were also some promising suggestions for tweaks to improve the show. Perhaps the most intriguing notion was that this show could have a life beyond children’s theater.

The event was held at the amazing TADA Youth Theater.

Here are several pictures from the performances. Credit to our amazing cast:
Amanda Andrews as AENEAS / GRACE
Michael DiGaetano as ZEUS
Kevin Gilroy as CUPID
Emily Griffith as DAPHNE / APHRODITE
Gianna Rapp as DIDO / GRACE
Katie Galuska as MNEMOSYNE

And our very own Emily Thompson as APOLLO / ARES. Emily also did the amazing costume work that made the presentation just that much more special.

Nevada Lozano was our amazing accompanist. He is highly recommended, not only by Thompson & Russell, but by by several participants in the day’s events.

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